Carol Hollowell

Carol Hollowell has been involved in business development for over 30 years. From building up a hair salon chain to a mortgage and development company she has a knack for seeing the big picture and then executing. A native of Oregon, she moved to St. George, UT in 2009. Her desire to make a difference and change the model of homeless shelters in Utah led her on a course to open Switchpoint Community Resource Center. Since opening in 2014, Switchpoint has added a food pantry, soup kitchen, community garden, two thrift stores, pet daycare and grooming, a rapid rehousing program, and a substance use disorder residential treatment center. Carol's highlight accomplishment is opening a 55- unit supportive attainable housing project in November 2020.

“We Are Their Switchpoint”: An Effective Model Addressing Homelessness

No one I’ve ever known woke up one morning and decided to become homeless. Rather, life happened. Sometimes life crashes down in the form...