Robert Anthony Peters

Robert Anthony Peters is a multimedia fellow at the Archbridge Institute. He completed his BS at the University of Arizona in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, was a Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow in DC, and trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in NYC. A member of SAG-AFTRA, he has been acting, producing, directing, and writing professionally in theater, film, voiceover, and more for over a decade. His most recognizable film acting roles are in The Pursuit of Happiness and Steve Jobs. He writes and lectures internationally on the relationships between art, law, philosophy, and economics. He records audiobooks, is a policy advisor for the Heartland Institute, was an inaugural member of the FEE Alumni Board, and is vice chair of the board of the Fully Informed Jury Association. He also manages his family’s retail shipping store in Tucson, AZ. His film writing, directing, and producing debut, the award-winning “Tank Man,” was screened at festivals and events around the world, including Hong Kong. His website is

Impressions of Entrepreneurship

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